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You’ve worked hard to grow your Health and Wellness Clinic and to provide the most up to date advice for your clients. This requires hours of on-going education, studying and hard work. You have other practitioners who rent your clinic space as well. You have made a name for yourself and your clinic by operating with integrity and with an honest desire to help others. Are you prepared for the potential risks of business ownership?

What if an accidental fire caused severe damage to your Clinic? What if a pipe burst and flooded your unit? In both examples you could find your clinic closed for months while repairs are being undertaken. Those repairs could cost thousands of dollars. Do you have the proper Health and Wellness Clinic insurance to cover these, and many other, kinds of risks?

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What Coverage Can You Expect?

Our clinic policy is a comprehensive insurance package designed to protect you, your business, and your clients from a great variety of potential risks all in one place. And the best thing is, it’s at affordable prices.

Our health and wellness clinic insurance experts take the time to understand your business operations. Why? Getting to know your business is the only way we recommend the coverages and protection that is best suited to your business.

Coverage such as:

  • Business Interruption. In the event of even the smallest fire, your clinic could be shut down for days or weeks. This coverage will provide for your ongoing expenses as well as lost income.
  • Contents and Building. Reconstruction costs from a fire or other peril can easily climb into the $1000’s for a small Health and Wellness Clinic. Making sure you have adequate coverage to protect your livelihood is essential.
  • Professional Liability. LMI Canada is pleased to bring you an exclusive Professional Liability and Business Owners Insurance Program. In the unlikely event that a client feels your recommendations caused harm, you could be sued. Having adequate professional liability insurance protects you from these kinds of lawsuits. We know professional liability because we’ve been providing it to alternative healthcare practitioners for over 25 years.
  • Commercial General Liability. This provides protection in the event that a lawsuit is brought forth because of a slip and fall accident while someone walking in or out of your clinic. As well, if there is damage to the building as a result of your negligence you have coverage.

Are You Opening a New Health and Wellness Clinic? Look No Further!

Wondering what kind of health and wellness clinic insurance coverage you need? We know there are 100’s of factors to consider. Things like location, the kinds of professional services you provide, the number of clients, and the number of professionals working under your business. We want your clinic insurance to be one of the easiest parts of opening your business. Therefore, we have created one of the most comprehensive clinic insurance policies available, allowing you to feel protected and have peace of mind.

We provide expert service, advice and claims counselling to hundreds of clinics and small businesses. Our main focus is to make getting clinic insurance an easier part of your initial business planning.

Our health and wellness clinic insurance policies are:

  • Highly comprehensive
  • Affordable
  • Specifically tailored to your situation
  • Adaptive to your needs

We want to ensure that we remain the #1 option for you to consider for your clinic insurance needs that’s why we have a team of full time commercial insurance experts dedicated to your growth and expansion.

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With our clinic insurance policy, you can rest assured that you are trusting the right brokerage for your clinic insurance needs. Our dedication to our clients is not just an extra service we provide rather a requirement in our business.

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Why Choose LMI Canada Insurance?

By insuring over 1,000 clinics and small businesses, we understand your needs and worries. We train our staff to make sure your health and wellness clinic insurance needs are met and at affordable rates.  We take extra steps to fully understand your vision and operations for your clinic, as well as help you understand your overall liability exposure.

Our status as a premiere small business insurance provider over the past 5 years has enabled us to come up with several, unique solutions in order to create the perfect insurance policy for your business. Whether you are on tight budget or you are concerned about the coverages you need, our client-oriented clinic insurance services ensure you walk away with maximum benefits.